Destiny (Israel: 2005)

Now I don’t dislike this film and to all intents, this is a good movie. Artfully done, nice unorthodox camera work, I like the very long exposures, the quick and quirky camera positions, even the obvious nod to Russian Ark, another film that is shot in one continuous take. For that reason, I can’t really fault this movie’s execution.

Problem is I just don’t get what is happening. I have watched this now one hundred times and here is my best breakdown scene by scene:

1)      Mime dances and looks at the camera.

2)      Woman looks at grave and cries. She holds big rose and then throws it.

3)      Mime runs away.

4)      Woman sits on bench with man.

5)      Mime runs toward bench.

And…End Film!

Various Theories:

1)      Mime is dead ala Sixth Sense but still is afraid people with special glasses will see him.

2)      Mime is actor who is afraid to appear in this plotless movie, ergo continually runs away from the camera’s lens.

3)      Mime is actually improv coach who is checking up on a truant, much bereaved member of his class.

4)      Mime is delivering mime-pizza. Forgets address. Ends up in cemetery.

So, final verdict, one out of four stars. Easily watchable, good concept but poor execution. Now have some mime pizza and check this blog back next week.


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